With an ability to see beyond the self in search of truth for the inquiry of personal meaning. Recognizing the ways through which actions have an ability to be truly impactful, particularly when the actions intention is to benefit the welfare of others. Following an inner calling: as the desire to effect change drives one's personal sense of duty while acknowledging and accepting the consequence associated with such offerings. Showing ultimate selflessness in efforts requiring execution of responsibilities to successfully serve and protect. Then,  doing so,  with honor and grace. 

When thinking of the men and women,  whom carry the responsibility of upholding democracy for the purpose of personal freedoms, I can't help but acknowledge the nobleness of character in meeting and fulfilling such weighted obligations irrespective to the personal sacrifice often involved. Many of us outside of military life can't begin to understand what those types of demands, expectations, and challenges entail.

Counseling in this area offers an opportunity to determine how challenges related to, or associated with service, impact life for you and/or your family in areas of mental health, and emotional wellness. As we work to identify the change that's desired, together we will nurture the capacity for new understandings and growth through increased self understanding and a commitment to self compassion.