HYPNOTHERAPY is one of the most effective and advanced tools a trained clinician can utilize to get at the source of habitual patterns suppressed within the subconscious mind.


Hypnotherapy provides an ability to connect with the subconscious mind and touch within us the deep rooted feelings around beliefs and behavior that perpetuate habit forming patterns. Despite efforts in our “knowing” of what needs to be done differently, along with conscious effort put forth to do so, if there is a belief held subconsciously in opposition to what the conscious mind desires, that negative belief is what materializes no matter how hard we consciously choose otherwise. This is because the relationship to what we truly believe vs what we are desiring are misaligned. What materializes then is what the subconscious is holding in terms of its belief. Hypnotherapy allows us to bypass rationalizations, (i.e. coping strategies of the ego) and get to the source of personal subconscious contracts, where sabotaging beliefs were created and maintained. In getting to the source of what perpetuates our pain we begin the process of healing, in place of “symptom management.” Clinical Hypnotherapy is best utilized in changing our personal relationship with ourselves around beliefs created to reject, avoid, and suppress feelings we have denied and made unacceptable. Once those feelings are identified along side with the protective function they served, we can reprogram the subconscious to align with what's truly wanted and desired, creating pathways of change in relation to our personal truth, growth and passion. As an evidenced based practice Clinical Hypnotherapy may be used to address symptoms of Chronic Pain, Addictions, Fears & Anxieties, Mood Disorders, Traumas of CPTSD & PTSD, Abuse, Co- Dependency, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation and more. It’s effectiveness provides the emotional freedom we truly desire by affording the opportunity to take back our power from those things that undermine our ability to truly change, grow and transform.